Polyphony Digital - ポリフォニー・デジタル Polyphony Digital - ポリフォニー・デジタル

Tokyo Studio


東京都江東区東陽6-3-1 イースト21ビジネスセンター3F

Tokyo Studio





As the largest development facility of Gran Tursimo, the Tokyo Studio serves as a central base for our engineers, artists, designers, online event operators, system administrators, website developers and business administrators.

Through an in-house chat and video conferencing system, they regularly communicate with other Gran Turismo offices around the world, including the Fukuoka Atelier in Japan, as well as GT Explore's Studios in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Los Angeles (the U.S.).

In addition to the work spaces, the Tokyo Studio has an appealing breakroom and a library with the latest car and technology publications.

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