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GT Explore Studio

Responsible for business relations and collaborations with external companies related to "Gran Turismo"

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    Work Details

    ・External/partnership negotiations
    ・Production/development support
    ・Drafting of contracts in English,
    ・Creation of presentation materials

    The Gran Turismo Explore Studio works out of Tokyo, Fukuoka, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam, with members in each location. The main role of the group involves communication with the world's auto makers, automobile related companies, motorsport teams, and more. Working together with various departments of Sony Computer Entertainment around the world, the group negotiates the inclusion of cars in the game, collaborations, etc., and is the point of contact with the our development side in regards to promotional activities. Recently we have been involved in the creation and implementation of unique business opportunities such as the "Vision Gran Turismo" project.
    We are looking for those who have the curiosity and spirit to enter unexplored fields, and the creativity to produce unprecedented business opportunities.

    Both in and out of the company, the daily communication with people of different nationalities and cultures are in English. Conference calls, email communications and business meetings are some of the main activities, as well as communication on-site at various promotional events, motor shows, motorsports events and game shows around the world.

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    ・Able to establish a friendly relationship with people of various nationalities and cultures
    ・Able to perform business communication by email and phone in English
    ・Good communication skills in various languages including English.

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    Terms and

    • Important Notice

      These are terms for working in Japan. For job positions outside of Japan, terms will be separately arranged according to the location.

    • Employment

      PDS(Product Development Staff) Employee

      *The PDS(Product Development Staff) Employee is a standard employee format for game creators with superflex work hours, yearly salary contract, and special incentive bonus.

    • Salary

      Yearly salary, with reviews every year.

      For the year following employment, 1/12 of the yearly salary set at the time of employment is paid every month.

    • Other benefits

      Commute fee

    • Bonuses

      Incentive Bonus (royalty system according to sales of game title developed)

    • Working Hours

      Superflex (Need only to arrive at the place of work within standard work hours)

    • Days off/
      vacation days

      2 day Weekends, holidays, summer, year end/year start, paid holidays

    • Insurance

      Employment insurance, Work accident insurance, health insurance, employees pension insurance

    • Place of work

      East 21 Business Center 3F, 6-3-1 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
      TNC-TV Building 2F, 2-3-2, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City, Japan

    • Benefit Package

      Partner housing loan, savings scheme, recreational facilities, partner recreational facilities/sports clubs, etc.

    • Application

      Experienced persons meeting the recruitment details

    • Deadline for

      Until positions are filled (limited number)

    • New Graduates

      There is no position opening specifically for new graduates, but if you meet the application requirements for experienced employees or have the equivalent skills and qualifications, please apply even if you are currently enrolled in college/schools.

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    • Online Application

      Please proceed to the application form from the button below.

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    Submission of
    Work Sample

    It is possible to send a work portfolio as a reference.
    This is not a requirement, but if you wish to do so please send by the following mean.

    • Sharing
      by Internet

      Please enter websites, file sharing links, etc. by entering the URL in the application form.
      *Please specify the parts you were responsible for, and give a description of the product.

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